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CONVERGE | Technology

Establishing a Healthy Homework Routine

November 06, 2019

Getting into a routine is key to staying on top of it throughout the year.

Busy schedules, after-school activities, and finding balance in the chaos can be an everyday struggle for students. But establishing a healthy routine can help you and your kids find a rhythm without sacrificing quality time together. All you need is a little organization and a plan. 

Here are a few simple steps you can take to develop a homework routine that fits your family. 

Keep a Family Calendar

Writing down everyone’s schedules can help you keep track of after-school activities and important school events, such as parent-teacher conferences. To make things even easier, use a digital calendar paired with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant, like Alexa or Echo, can add or cancel events on your calendar with your voice instruction. And when you’re busy running around, that extra help can make life just that much easier.  

Focus on Nutrition with a Meal Plan

When you have a busy week ahead, planning even the smallest things can help, including your meals. Meal prepping for the week is a good way to save time and money. Before Monday comes along, look up some healthy recipes and portion meals out for each day. This can be done for breakfast, lunchdinner and even snacks. If your kids don’t like having the same thing every day, buy a few ingredients that you can modify. For example, ground turkey, marinara sauce and pasta can make spaghetti for a few nights, but if that gets old, you can substitute the pasta for tortillas and the sauce for seasoning to make tacos using the same protein. When you dedicate a few hours to meal preparation on Sunday, you can free up time during the busier part of the week. 

Stay Organized

Once you have your calendar outlined and your meals plannedlook to see what else can be organized. For example, if one child has soccer practice while the other has a ballet recital, you’ll want to schedule transportation and outfits ahead of time. Taking an inventory of what is needed can reduce stress and help prevent wires from being crossedMake a list of any supplies your kids may need and stock up


Create Study Zones

Designate quiet zones that students can use to focus on assignments. Places free from the distraction of video games, loud noises and external stimulation. Consider underutilized places such as attics, the back yard or porches. Sometimes you may need to extended wifi range so these zones can be reached with your connection. Be creative, and ensure other family members are aware that these study zones are intended for productivity and focus.

Leverage these tools to establish a productive homework routine that turns into habit. Good habits translate into less stress and more focus for the whole family - who doesn’t want that? 

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