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CONVERGE | Technology

Dog Breaks Out Of Home To Play In Flowers

November 20, 2018

Check out what this sweet boy does when his owner leaves for work.


Meet King, a sweet (and VERY smart) dog who loves to go outside and play in the flowers. 

In fact, King is such a smart dog, he taught himself how to unlock and open doors after his dog dad, Ben, left for work. 

Fortunately, Ben has Cox Homelife, which helps him keep tabs on King from anywhere. 


“King would always sit by the door and watch me closely as I left the house,” said Ben.  “I thought he was sad to see me go. But it turns out, he was watching so he could learn how to unlock the deadbolt, turn the door handle and let himself out!”

Check out the one-minute video above to see what happened next!

No doubt, King is one smart and adventurous puppy. But Ben and Cox Homelife are keeping close tabs on him, ensuring he is safe and sound!





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