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Immersive, Interactive, Online: Connect With The World Through Virtual Cultural Experiences

May 11, 2021

Immerse yourself in arts, culture and travel from the comfort and safety of home.

Thanks to innovative digital technology, these times of isolation have brought new opportunities for us to connect. There's been a boom in exciting, online experiences — from immersive virtual reality (VR) adventures in museums to interactive theater shows to cultural encounters with local people in distant places. 

Here are some of the most engaging initiatives to help us connect with each other and the world from the safety and comfort of our home screens.
The Under Presents
A virtual reality game that incorporates elements of immersive theater, The Under Presents allows players to interact with actors who are performing live. What's more, it's multiplayer — meaning that you and others can engage with the live performance at the same time. 
The actors use a special digital toolkit that allows them to interact with players, and have even developed connections with regular players. 
Curious Alice 
Developed by London's acclaimed Victoria and Albert Museum in partnership with HTC Vive Arts, Curious Alice is a beautifully illustrated, immersive experience that takes visitors on a virtual tumble down the rabbit hole and into Wonderland. 
On a surreal and colorful journey of self-discovery in full VR, you can join "Alice in Wonderland's" White Rabbit to hunt for missing objects, solve the caterpillar's mischievous riddles, play croquet with the notoriously impatient Queen of Hearts and experience other iconic moments from this beloved story. 
If you've ever wanted to experience a play by the Royal Shakespeare Company, your chance is coming.
The actors have motion sensors that allow them to interact with their surroundings in a virtual forest and the audience at home. Using your tablet, smartphone or the show's website, you can directly influence the live performance from any location around the world.
Context Conversations
In 2020, tour company Context Travel pivoted from offering immersive walking seminars in global cities to hosting engaging conversations with experts on a vast range of travel-related topics, from history and culture to geology and gastronomy. 
Want to know what "Downton Abbey" can teach us about British history? Perhaps you would like to know how "The Mandalorian" can help develop intercultural communication skills, or what everyday life was like in the fated Roman city of Pompeii? With seminars by scholars from all parts of the world, there's something for every type of curious adventurer. What's more, you get to explore and learn with others, just like on a traditional tour. 
Airbnb Online Experiences
Make Mexican street tacos with a pro chef, learn to tango with Argentinian experts, spend an evening with a flamenco composer or meditate with a Japanese Buddhist monk—  the opportunities are seemingly endless with Airbnb's Online Experiences. They offer a way to connect with real people, learn about cultures, immerse yourself in an interactive experience and prepare for the time when we can travel again. 
If you're missing family or friends, you can book a private group experience and make memories together. There are offerings tailored especially for children, couples and solo “travelers," too. 
The virtual world awaits you!


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