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Common Sense Media Resources About Race and Racism

June 19, 2020

Tools to help spark important conversations.


By Caroline Knorr

Today's kids are growing up in a world where anyone can create anything they wish -- a YouTube video, a meme, a tweet. Unfortunately, some choose to use these tools to spread hate, misinformation, and racism. That's why it's so critical for parents to be intentional about the media kids are exposed to. Choose media that educates kids in essential human values such as love, understanding, kindness, and compassion. Take the opportunity to discuss how race is portrayed, how stereotypes are perpetuated, and how racial experiences differ. Use our conversation starters to get kids to think more deeply about these topics. Now, more than ever, our kids really need to learn these lessons. 

Advice for parents on using media to discuss racism

Book recommendations

Movie recommendations

Other media

How to discuss breaking news/disturbing topics

Media use research 

Mental health resources

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