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Building “Smart Cities” of the Future

August 02, 2018

Cox Smart Cities Infographic

Whether they’re making video calls with long-distance relatives or binging the latest hit TV show, millions of Americans rely on Cox Communications every day to connect them to the things that matter most. Cox was one of the first companies to leverage the power of fiber networks to deliver Gigabit speeds to its customers and continues to expand access every day. By the end of 2019, almost 99 percent of the communities they serve will have access to Gigabit speeds.

But in an increasingly connected world, Cox is taking its commitment one step further. Over the last 10 years, Cox has invested $15 billion in its network infrastructure across the country and is planning to invest an additional $10 billion over the next five years. With these significant contributions, Cox is working to bring the power and speed of Gigabit and fiber networks to more homes, businesses and cities.

One example is Cox2M, the company’s new connected asset services business line.

Born out of a pilot project with Manheim, one of the largest auto auction companies in the world, Cox2M is deploying wireless sensors that track more than 500,000 vehicles across auction lots nationwide. The ability to monitor and track these vehicles is critical to the company’s operational success, because it allows them to identify and resolve issues immediately, improving efficiency and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

But the power of the Cox2M isn’t limited to cars. The new organization can design, implement and support any end-to-end Internet of Things solution. Giving businesses the turnkey ability to monitor and track their commercial assets, no matter what they are, will help them focus on what matters most: customer service and innovation. There is also massive crossover potential for this technology to help cities and municipalities across the country manage resources and provide a better citizen experience, including monitoring of power lines and other critical public infrastructure.

Helping cities modernize isn’t limited just to Cox2M. As a partner to US Ignite, a national non-profit focused on advanced networking technology, Cox is invested in the Smart Gigabit Communities program. Developed with funding from the National Science Foundation, the initiative was created to inspire the innovation of next-generation internet applications. Currently, Cox sponsors three communities through the program: Phoenix, San Diego and Las Vegas.

Through its grants, all three cities are able to fund the development of innovative Gigabit applications that could impact everything from education and entrepreneurship to management of public utilities. The most exciting thing about the development of these Smart City programs is that the applications are not yet fully defined. Every city is unique and has different needs that could benefit from the power of Gigabit networks. By working collaboratively and bringing key stakeholders together, Cox is helping to facilitate brainstorming sessions that will specifically address the issues facing citizens today and help develop new technologies that make a meaningful impact in their everyday quality of life.

Ultimately, the success of the smart cities of the future will be determined by the degree to which these partners are able to work effectively together toward common goals. Fortunately, that mission is exactly what Cox aspires to every day. From its business clients to its millions of residential users, delivering quality service, underlying technology and end-to-end solutions that connects all of us today is what will provide a strong foundation for the innovation of tomorrow.

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