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7 Healthy Habits to Practice This Summer

July 5, 2021

Live your best summer life with these healthy tips.


Beach days, barbecues and refreshing cocktails are the epitome of summer. But these aren’t the only way to enjoy relaxation this season. We’ve got a few tips that can help ensure you’re living your best life to the fullest all summer long and year-round. Here’s what you can do to feel and look good:



1. Spend Time Outside


Good weather shouldn’t be wasted. Take advantage of warmer summer days and nights while they’re here. Hike, camp, swim and eat outside whenever possible. If you’re working from home, make the yard or a park your new office for a few hours. Fresh air and a little Vitamin D are good for the heart and soul.


2. Incorporate Fun into Your Workout Routine


Ditch your old workout routine and find new ways to move during the summer. Get your heart rate going with a new hiking trail every week so you can explore nature and burn a few calories at the same time. Dust off the old rollerblades and glide down the boulevard. Roll out your yoga mat wherever you go and breathe in the fresh air. Work up a sweat with a jog around the park, then cool down with a dip in the pool or ocean. Summer is all about taking the work out of working out.


3. Wake up to Summer Tunes


Waking up early is always a struggle, but it can start on a good note with the right song. Wake up to your favorite jam and set the tone for the rest of your day. Home automation routines allow your smart devices to work together to make life that much easier. Set your favorite song as your alarm, get the coffee brewing as you rise and watch the daily news before heading out the door. With products like Cox Homelife, you can easily create a routine that gets you started on the right side of the bed.


4. Protect Your Skin


While you want your skin glowing and sun kissed, you don’t want it burned and damaged. Protect your it from the sun’s harmful rays by applying sunscreen anytime you head out the door. Even on the cloudiest days, the sun can cause damage without the right protection. The same goes for your eyes. Wear a hat and sunglasses if you plan to spend time outside so you can take in the beautiful summer views without squinting.


5. Stay Hydrated


You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth stating again—make sure to drink plenty of water. As the temperature rises, it’s vital that you hydrate. As a general rule, health experts recommend drinking at least 64 ounces a day. If you have a hard time remembering to chug some water, download the Hydro Coach app. You can set your target intake and the app will remind you when it’s time to drink up.


6. Grill and Prepare Your Meals


Everything seems to taste a little better with a grill mark on it. Incorporate a taste of summer into every bite by throwing some of your favorite meals on the grill. While hamburgers and hot dogs are great, you can make healthier options as well. Try things like portabello burgers, marinated chicken breasts and grilled veggies for a well-balanced summer of good eating. 


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