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3 Steps to Reduce Your Environmental Impact

October 23, 2017

To paraphrase anthropologist Margaret Mead, it’s important to always remember that a small group of committed individuals have the ability to change the world. And when it comes to conservation, small steps taken by individuals can truly make a world of difference.

It’s easy to consume. After all, we do it every day — from fuel to fast fashion. Consequently, the human impact on the environment has extended beyond the measurement of simply a carbon footprint. Instead, a modern-day footprint is often measured in how we use all of the Earth’s natural resources, including cropland, grazing land and forests.

But there are steps you can take to help. Here are a few ways you can pitch in to reduce your footprint — starting today.

1. Make a commitment to energy efficiency.

These days, there are so many more ways to help conserve energy than simply turning off lights that aren’t in use. Installing a programmable thermostat, running your dishwasher only when full (while using the energy-saver setting, of course), and using cold instead of hot water in your washing machine are all actionable steps you can take today to be more energy efficient. There are ways to reduce your energy use in your electronics, too. Cox Communication’s energy-efficient video receivers reduce the amount of energy used, and you can go one step further by choosing the Auto Power Save feature to put your receiver into a light sleep when not in use.

2. Consider your transportation.

To do a favor for our Earth (and maximizing your fuel efficiency is a nice bonus!), consider a hybrid car as your next new or trade-in vehicle. These vehicles rely on less fuel while giving off fewer carbon emissions.

A number of companies also have committed to the conservation game, helping reduce their footprint. Cox boasts one of the greenest fleets in the United States, an entirely voluntary undertaking that makes a big difference.

3. Connect with outdoor space.

Making time to connect with the outdoors helps give new appreciation for the natural beauty you’re working to conserve and preserve. Consider joining the conservancy board of a park near you, or volunteer to help revitalize a green space in your neighborhood. Cox Conserves Heroes is a program that helps incentivize those who create or enhance public spaces by offering awards to honorees. Know an environmental warrior you want to nominate? Learn more about eligibility.

As the old adage goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Start taking these steps now to help offset your environmental impact — they can add up to something big.

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