High-Speed Internet in Lincoln

Our 1 Gig speed internet plan

With Gigablast from Cox, experience ultra high-speed internet when you share, stream, surf, and game. Enjoy blazing fast internet speeds with our 1 Gig connection internet service in Lincoln. Get started today!


View all internet plans available from Cox in Lincoln, AR. We've sorted them starting with our fastest internet speed available in your area so you can find a high-speed internet plan that's right for you. Already a Cox Customer? Sign In.

You may be eligible for Free Cox Internet, saving up to $30/mo. through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

Credit typically begins within 1 bill cycle; limited-time program; subject to change; other restrictions apply. Learn more.

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Fast WIFI in Lincoln

Cox Panoramic Wifi

Get wall-to-wall fast wifi speeds throughout your home with Cox Panoramic Wifi. Need to extend your wifi signal farther? Get high-speed wifi in more rooms and eliminate dead zones with Panoramic Wifi Pods.

Fast internet speeds for streaming

Cox Internet & Contour Stream Player

Whether you use Netflix, HBO Max or other TV apps, get the best internet speed for streaming the TV shows and movies you love. And don't forget about having good internet speed for streaming music!

Best internet for gaming in Lincoln

Cox Internet & Elite Gamer

Get the best wifi for gaming with Cox Elite Gamer. Stay ahead of the competition with fast internet speeds for gaming and technology that finds faster paths to game servers to reduce lag, ping and jitter.

High-Speed Internet FAQs

Cox is one of the fastest internet providers in Lincoln, offering many high-speed wifi and internet plans. Explore all of our options - from Gigablast gigabit internet to Internet Ultimate 500 with Unlimited Data.

Moving to Lincoln?

Start or Transfer Cox Services

If you're moving to a new home in Lincoln, trust Cox to assist to make it fast and easy.

  • You have options to transfer as is or modify your current services.
  • Have you seen the Cox service lineup lately?
  • The CoxWIFI hotspots can help keep you connected on your mobile device.

If you feel comfortable installing your services that may be an option - we'll evaluate your home and recommend the best option. These Easy Connect Guides can also assist you.

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