Prepaid Internet in Bethany, OK

No credit check. No term agreement. No deposit.

With StraightUp Internet, get our flexible Cox prepaid internet plan that comes with 100 Mbps download speeds so you can surf and stream on up to 3-5 devices without buffering. Just pay your bill each month and we'll guarantee the same price for 3 years. Choose Cox as your prepaid internet provider today!

Pay as you go internet & wifi in Bethany

Pay your way. Recharge when needed.

You can set up automatic payments, pay online, or pay in a Cox Store - the choice is yours. With pay-as-you-go internet, you control how you pay. Don't need wifi next month? Don't worry. Pause your service at the end of any month with no penalty, and resume your pay-as-you-go wifi service anytime.

Self-install your prepaid internet

Easy to install yourself.

Cox provides you a free prepaid wifi modem and router or gateway, and an Easy Connect Kit that you can use at any time. Visit Cox Support for additional StraightUp Internet installation information.

Prepaid wifi in Bethany

Free WiFi modem included.

StraightUp Internet is your best choice for prepaid wifi. Get a wifi modem that's yours to keep - we'll send you everything you need for easy setup. Having prepaid home wifi has never been easier. Once you're up and running, Cox will help you make the most of your prepaid wifi plan with a helpful wifi improvement guide below.

Bethany Prepaid Internet FAQs

StraightUp Internet comes with 1.25 TB of data each month, so while this is not a true unlimited prepaid internet plan, you will have plenty of data to use for everyday activities like surfing the web, posting on social media, and streaming TV and videos. Learn more about specific StraightUp Internet features here.

Start or Transfer Cox Services

Moving to Bethany?

If you're moving to a new home in Bethany, trust Cox to assist to make it fast and easy.

  • You have options to transfer as is or modify your current services.
  • Have you seen the Cox service lineup lately?
  • The CoxWIFI hotspots can help keep you connected on your mobile device.

If you feel comfortable installing your services that may be an option - we'll evaluate your home and recommend the best option. These Easy Connect Guides can also assist you.

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