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Glen Brae and Cox have partnered to get you connected as soon as you are moved into your new apartment—all you have to do is sign up and plug in. To get started,enter your address to see deals just for you.
Glen Brae
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Glen Brae Internet Plans & Pricing

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Pick a home Internet plan that fits your speed needs, then order online for our best prices.

Glen Brae Internet Features

Connect today for great perks

Get ready to surf in style. There's even more to this offer than immediate internet access

First month is free

Get the first month of Internet Preferred (150 Mbps) service and the first month of a Panoramic Wifi Gateway rental totally free. Or enjoy a discount with your Internet Ultimate (500 Mbps) plan.

Total tech support

Surf and stream knowing you’re covered with 24/7 tech support. Plus, if your Panoramic Wifi Gateway breaks, we’ll replace it for free.

Community Wifi

Cox Wifi provides access to wifi hotspots for Cox Internet Preferred and higher package customers at no additional charge. At Glen Brae, if you have Cox Internet Preferred, you can access community wifi hotspots as well!

Watch. TV today

Catch your favorite shows on the Contour App or by going to watchtv.cox.com the day you order service—just add Contour 2 at checkout.


Connect in four simple steps

Ready to go online? Follow these steps to set up your Internet. If you have questions, feel free to chat with us.


Do you need 1 GIG speeds?

Answer the following questions. If you can relate, Gigablast is the way to go.

Have a big family?
More people in your home increase your bandwidth needs.

Use multiple devices?
Smart home wifi devices like thermostats and smart TVs add up quickly on your network.

Is everyone online at once?
Our fastest speed lets your family seamlessly stream 4K TV, game and video chat at the same time.

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It's all within reach at Glen Brae
At Glen Brae, we think creatively about how our communities can enhance your lifestyle, all while maximizing efficiencies, value, and return. Glen Brae is committed to making lives and places better to ensure you are proud to live in a P.B. Bell managed community, from comfort to convenience - it’s all within reach.
Glen Brae a P.B. Bell  community

Cox Quick Connect FAQs

To complete your order, we'll need your name, phone number, email address, service/billing addresses and payment information. You may be asked to provide a Social Security number to complete a secure credit check. You’ll also set up a 4-digit Cox PIN number for security purposes.

Looking for more?
Have the best Internet experience possible in your new home with these tips, tricks and upgrade options:
Streamline your streaming
Watch all your favorite entertainment easily. The Contour Stream Player puts all your apps, movies, music and more in one place.
Surf at lightning-fast speeds
Want to step up your surfing, streaming and sharing game? Check out Gigablast—our fastest Internet plan yet.
Get more bang for your buck
Make your home network the best it can be. Here’s how you can have a faster and safer wifi experience.