Business Phone Service in Oklahoma City, OK

Get the best deal on business phone service in Oklahoma City, OK. Whether you need a few phone lines or a complete hosted VoIP system, Cox helps businesses of any size keep connected. Choose Cox Business as your local Oklahoma City business phone provider.

Business Phone Plans & Pricing in Oklahoma City, OK

Find the best business phone plans in Oklahoma City, OK. Cox helps your business stay connected to your customers with a fully hosted business phone service that integrates your existing equipment and devices. Choose a business phone bundle with other Cox Business services for even greater savings.

Up to 40+ Business Features
Works With Existing Phones
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Business Phone Features

Caller ID

Know who's calling before you answer, and block calls, too.

Call Waiting

Catch important calls, even when you're on another call.

Last Number Redial

Connect quickly to recent incoming or outgoing calls.

Call Notify

Stay on top of your calls with email notifications for missed calls or new voicemails.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls when you're busy or unavailable.

Three-way Calling

Merge calls easily between three parties.

Call Holding

Place calls on hold while you make another call.

Speed Dialing

Access frequently-used or hard-to-remember numbers with a single digit.

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Business Phone FAQs

A business phone system is designed to provide seamless communication between your employees and your customers. Rather than having individual, single-line phones for each employee, a unified system streamlines internal and external communications.

There are three broad categories for business phone system types: analog, private branch exchange (PBX), and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Analog systems are landline-based and allow multiple incoming calls to ring on a single phone. The system requires a receptionist to direct calls to specific extensions and does not support intra-office calling. PBX and VoIP systems work similarly but automate many of the processes that must be handled manually on an analog system.

PBX systems receive calls through a buffer—a centralized, electronic receiving area—and then connect callers with their desired extension via an automated process, rather than relying on a human receptionist. Additionally, PBX systems allow intra-office communication; employees can dial an extension to reach their colleagues without having to engage an external line. PBX systems require a physical infrastructure on-site, so there is an upfront investment in building out that system, plus required maintenance and upkeep throughout the life of the phone system.

VoIP systems offer the same benefits as a PBX system, but they are cloud-based and maintained by a phone service provider like Cox Business and eliminate the need for costly installation and upkeep of PBX hardware.

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Hosted VoIP Systems in Oklahoma City

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Go fully hosted with our IP Centrex system -- an advanced, scalable VoIP phone solution that includes all hardware and equipment, along with comprehensive technical support.