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Q1. How do I make the switch from AOL to Cox High Speed Internet?
A1. If you would like to continue using your AOL with Cox High Speed Internet, you can choose AOL's "Bring Your Own Access" plan (BYOA).  This means you continue to use AOL's software, content and email, but not use the AOL dial up connection. For more information on BYOA pricing, go to AOL and click on member services or use AOL Keyword: BYOA.

Three Easy Steps:

1. Sign up for Cox High Speed Internet

2. Contact AOL and stop your billing! 

  • From AOL's Website : To change your current AOL plan, simply call Member Services at 1-800-984-6207 and select the Billing Option when prompted.

3. Launch AOL!  Your AOL software should automatically connect through the Cox service.

Q2. Is Cox affiliated with AOL or offering this service in partnership with AOL?
A2. No, Cox is not affiliated with AOL in any way. Cox is merely alerting AOL customers to an option provided by AOL itself, that allows customers to determine what Internet access provider they use to access both Internet content as well as AOL content. By using this option, AOL customers can take advantage of the benefits of the Cox High Speed Internet service even if they do not want to give up their AOL service.

Q3. Can I still email my friends and relatives on AOL?
A3. Of course! Using Cox High Speed Internet, you can exchange email with anyone who has an email address, including AOL subscribers. At speeds up to 170 times faster than a dial-up connection, to send or receive new mail is practically instantaneous with Cox High Speed Internet.

Q4. Does Cox High Speed Internet have a place to save my favorite web site addresses?
A4. You can continue to use your AOL software so you don’t lose your favorites. Cox High Speed Internet has a section called Favorites. The Favorites section is a great way to quickly recall your favorite web sites without having to type in an address or browse the Internet every time. They are also simple to use and easy to organize.

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Q5. Does Cox High Speed Internet offer similar content and channels to AOL?
A5. Cox High Speed Internet offers similar content channels to AOL. Yet because Cox High Speed Internet downloads information up to 170 times faster than a standard dial-up Internet connection, you can experience revolutionary online content not possible on a dial-up connection.

Q6. Is Cox High Speed Internet the best Internet service available for my home?
A6. Cox High Speed Internet connects you to the Internet at speeds up to 170 times faster than a 28.8K dial-up connection. With a dial-up Internet connection, you have to wait for pages to download. Plus, as you may have already experienced, at peak times you may not be able to log on to the service because of busy signals, and even when you do log on, you may get disconnected after a period of non-use.

Because Cox High Speed Internet uses cable lines, you have an Always-On connection, no dial up required to the Internet. This means no dialing-up, no busy signals, and no bottlenecks. The ingenious Cox High Speed Internet network architecture allows subscribers to avoid much of the heavy traffic and congestion that most Internet users face.

Q7. Does Cox High Speed Internet offer chat and newsgroups?
A7. Cox High Speed Internet offers you a world of interactive chat opportunities. Choose from hundreds of chat rooms and moderated events offered each day. There's sure to be a group that meets your interests! You can also participate in Cox High Speed Internet-only newsgroups where you can discuss ideas, opinions, and information about the service with fellow subscribers. We understand the importance of community and recommendations for new and different newsgroups are only a click away.

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Welcome  |   Benefits  |   FAQ  |   Special Pricing  |   How to switch

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