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How to watch TV and series premieres as they air

Tired of accidentally reading spoilers before you can catch your favorite TV shows? There’s something about watching new episodes as they air and seeing plots unfold in the moment. Don’t miss a season premiere, weekly episodes or the finale ever again by reading our guide. Whether you have cable TV or are strictly a cord cutter, find out how you can watch your favorite television shows when they’re first broadcast.

Watching TV series premieres

How to watch live content on Cable TV

Depending on your plan, cable TV is one of the most convenient ways to access multiple TV channels at once. With cable TV, you don’t have to wait until the following day to check out a season premiere. Watch it the minute it goes live, before anyone gets the opportunity to spoil the plot twist for you.

Cox Contour subscribers can access premium channels, live content and more by simply tuning in to specific listings or accessing via voice remote. Consult your local channel listings and package for specific content by channel.

How to watch live content with streaming services

While cable TV is convenient and provides access to multiple shows, there are many TV shows only available on streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, HBO Max and Netflix. Streaming isn’t just for those opting out of owning a television – cable subscribers can also access some cable content via the services. Most of these apps are available across a range of devices including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, personal computers and devices like the Cox Contour Stream Player.

Watching streaming content live

How to watch live content on Cox Contour Stream Player

The Contour Stream player is a sleek and compact streaming device that quickly connects to your TV and allows you to stream live TV from a range of apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube . A voice remote is included, so you can easily search through content and apps using the sound of your voice. The Contour Stream Player brings you: 

  • Your favorite apps, music and thousands of movies to any TV in your house without a cable outlet.

  • An included Contour Voice Remote, so you can say the name of a TV show you want to watch and instantly start streaming.

How to watch live content with the Cox Contour App

Cox subscribers can download the Cox Contour app to their mobile devices and access live TV, sports, events and news on the go. There’s always something on TV, and you won’t miss a single moment with Cox Contour in your back pocket. Here’s how to get started:

  • Cox subscribers can download the Cox Contour app for free on your mobile devices.

  • Log in with your Cox user ID and password.

  • Choose the Live TV option on the home menu to instantly begin watching your favorite shows.

  • To watch on the go outside your home, tap on TV Go Channels under Live TV.

Subscription to any level of Cox Contour TV or Contour Stream Player service and Internet connection required for streaming with Contour App.  Not all channels and shows available for out-of-home streaming on Contour App; available programming also depends on subscribed package, and may require additional subscriptions. Third party data rates may apply for app streaming away from home. All third party marks are the property of their respective owners.  

Ready to experience Cox Contour TV?

Get tons of live TV and more when you subscribe.

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