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Voice Tools Benefits and Features


Voice Tools is a value-added free service for Cox Voice users to manage their phone account 24/7. Visit cox.com/residential/phone.html. For more information about Voice Tools, refer to About Voice Tools.


Voice Tools allows you quick and easy online access to complete all of the following.

  • Review all calls - incoming and outgoing
  • Listen to and manage voice mail messages
  • Display transcribed text next to the playing message if Readable Voice Mail has been turned on for the Voice Mail box
  • Manage features such as Call Forwarding, Caller ID Block, Call Waiting, and Do Not Disturb
  • Add multiple email addresses to receive notifications regarding voice mail


Learn more about Call History, Address Book, and Settings in the following table.

Feature Description Details
Call History
  • Access to an online view of recent phone activity -- All Calls, Incoming Calls, and Outgoing Calls -- up to 120 days

    Note: Accounts with no activity for 90 days will automatically be opted out of call history Accessing the feature will opt the users back in. However, any calls received between day 91 and the new access date, will not be available.

  • View, print, and save incoming and
    outgoing call history (updated every 15

    Note: Call history can't be deleted from online.

  • Access all your voice messages online
  • Listen to, download, view, forward transcribed text phone messages, or delete the transcribed text phone messages

    Note: Your computer must have audio capabilities and a media player.

  • Send voice mail messages as emails with Readable Voice Mail
  • See date and time all calls occurred
  • Print and save call details

Because the Call History page can be accessed at any time, it may not reflect all billable calls or match the phone bill statement.

  • See number used to leave message
  • See date and time recorded
  • One-click access
Address Book Manage all your contacts Add, edit, or delete contacts, and tag a contact as a Favorite.
  • Access voice mail and all its features online
  • Turn voice mail on and off
  • Choose from a variety of Call Forwarding options
  • Maintain privacy
  • Notifications of incoming calls while on the phone
View Settings for all Voice Tools features including Voice Mail, Call Forwarding, Caller ID Block, Call Waiting, and Do Not Disturb.

Additional Questions and Answer

Refer to the following questions and answers about Voice Tools. If you have additional questions, you can contact us.

Why does the Call History log list the name of some outbound calls as either unavailable or blank?

These calls go through successfully, but the call log cannot list a name associated with a 7-digit outbound call. Only 10-digit calls list the name being called.

How do I rewind a voice message?

Position the mouse cursor onto the left side of the slider bar on the media player and then click. The voice message rewinds to the point where you clicked.

Can Voice Tools retrieve a deleted voice mail message?

No. Once the Delete button is clicked, the message is deleted and cannot be retrieved.

I forgot my Voice Mail PIN. What should I do?

Make a new one in Voice Tools. Go to Voice Tools at http://voicetools.cox.com, sign in. If you forgot your login, click Forgot User ID / Password? and follow the prompts. Once signed in, click the Settings tab. Click Voice Mail. Next to Voice Mail PIN, click Change. Enter a new PIN number. It can be from four to eight digits long. Re-enter it to confirm. Then click Submit. Use this new PIN to retrieve voice mails from your home phone.

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