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Voice Mail Feature Specifications


The Cox Voice Mail telephone specifications are listed in the table below. For specifics on how to navigate Voice Mail, refer to Using Voice Mail Personal Options.

CategoryFeature / CapabilityDescriptionValues
Mailbox FeaturesMailbox SizeMaximum amount of voice messages that can be left in a telephone mailbox.30 MB - about 45 minutes
Maximum Message LengthMaximum length of a voice message that can be left in the mailbox.3 minutes
Days Messages Kept

Number of days a saved message can be kept in the mailbox.

Once this age has been reached, the message will automatically be deleted from the mailbox.

31 days
Language OptionsWhen setting up your mailbox, or at any time in the future, you can select English or Spanish as the default user interface language for the mailbox.English or Spanish
LoginsFast LoginAll mailboxes will be set to Fast Login so that when you call from your Cox home phone, you will be prompted for your PIN, as opposed to having to re-enter your mailbox number.Enabled by Default
PIN SkipAllows you to access voice messages without having to enter a PIN number.On by Default
Allowed Login AttemptsFor security reasons, your voice mailbox will lock up if incorrect PIN numbers are entered six times in a row. The mailbox will unlock automatically after 1 hour. You may call Cox and provide authorization to have the mailbox unlocked or your PIN reset sooner.6 failed attempts cause
60-minute lockout
GreetingsNumber of Personal Greetings5 standard. 1 additional if a Group mailbox is enabled.6 total
Recorded Name Greeting

The system default greeting is: "Recorded name" can't take your call now. Please leave a message.

This message plays if no other greetings are recorded or selected.

System Default
Custom Recorded GreetingThe custom greeting is a greeting you record for callers to leave you a message.N/A
Maximum Greeting LengthThe maximum length a greeting can be.3 minutes
All Calls GreetingThe greeting that is used when no other greeting types are enabled.N/A
No Answer GreetingLets you create a greeting that activates only when the line is not in use and goes unanswered.N/A
Busy GreetingLets you create a greeting that activates only when the line is in use and busy.N/A
Out of Hours GreetingLets you create a greeting that activates only during the times and days defined as non-business hours.N/A
Extended Absence GreetingLets you create a greeting that supersedes all other greetings and is designed for extended absence such as vacation or out of office. When this feature is turned on, the greeting plays; however, no new messages can be left in the mailbox. You can also turn on the setting that permits voice mails to be left in the mailbox during your absence.N/A
Inbound Calls Greeting (Group Mailbox)When a Group of mailboxes, also called Family or Extension mailboxes, is enabled, this greeting serves as the main greeting to the main mailbox.N/A
Message Playback OptionsPlay MessageUpon login, the system will automatically enter the subscriber into the Play menu if new messages are present. The subscriber may replay, skip, delete, forward, or save a message.N/A
Automatic Call Back

During or after listening to a voice message, you can dial 21 and the system will dial the number of the person who left you the message, provided the caller did not block their number.

Limits on who can be called back may vary by market. Long distance calls will be charged based on your Cox Phone Plan.

Forward a MessageLets you forward a message to either a phone number or a distribution list.N/A
Delete a MessageLets you delete messages from the mailbox. Deleted messages can be un-deleted if this action is taken prior to hanging up. Otherwise, deleted message cannot be retrieved.N/A
Save MessageIf saved, a message will remain in the mailbox until it reaches the maximum age of 31 days or is deleted by the subscriber.31 days
Delete ConfirmationThis is a message stating that a voice mail will be deleted, just before the system deletes it.Disabled by default
Sending MessagesCreate and Send MessageLets you create a new voice message from scratch and send it to another number.N/A
Urgent / ConfidentialWhen sending a message, you can set the priority to urgent or normal and the confidentiality to confidential or not-confidential.N/A
Distribution ListsDistribution ListsYou can create up to 10 named distribution lists to use for outgoing messages.Max 10 lists
List SettingsEach distribution list can contain up to 15 entries each.15
Notifications Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)When a new message is present, the indicator light on the phone is illuminated. Also, the dial tone will make a stutter sound.N/A
Outdial NotificationPrograms the system to call another phone number whenever a new message is deposited in your mailbox. When answered, the call informs the called party that a new message has arrived. The message can be played if you don't hang up.
Paging NotificationWhen a new message is left in your mailbox, the system places a page to a pager number you pre-select.
Email Notification

If you have Cox Internet service with Voice Tools, you can set the phone to send you an email whenever a new voice message arrives.

The voice message can be attached as a file. If you don't have Voice Tools, call us and we will enable a similar service for you.

SchedulingNotifications may be scheduled based on days and times.
Duration NotificationTells you the length of the voice mail prior to playing the message.N/A
Group MailboxAllows you to create up to 4 secondary mailboxes per voice mail account. There is no additional charge. These mailboxes, formerly called Family or Extension mailboxes, let you set separate mailboxes and access for members of the household.4 secondary mailboxes
Initial setupCall a Cox customer service representative to set up the Group mailbox service. Once the mailboxes are set up, you can turn them on and off by pressing 621 from the Main menu.On / Off capability
Multi-Line MailboxMulti-Line MailboxAllows you to assign up to 5 additional phone lines to your primary mailbox. Additional charges may apply for each additional line that is associated with the mailbox.6 total lines
Initial setupCall a Cox customer service representative to assign different phone lines to the mailbox. When multiple lines are associated with a mailbox, the user experience and administration options change somewhat. You will be told which line a message was sent to, and have the ability to set different greetings for each line.
Reminder ServiceReminder Service
(Wake-Up Call)
Allows you to set specific dates and times when the system will call the number you specify. This service is often called “wake-up call” as it is often used as an alarm clock alternative.
SchedulingLets you schedule a reminder based on a day of the week and time.
SnoozeLets you set up a second call-back after a specified period of time.

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