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Viewing Server Space Consumption on Cox Homelife Mobile App


Cox Homelife mobile app allows you to view the daily quotas for video clips, pictures, and SMS messages.

  • The quotas are reset every day.
  • No new notifications, images, or videos are received once the daily quota limit is met.

Daily Quotas

Use the below table to view the daily quotas allowed based on your Homelife service tier.

Feature Security Home Automation
Images 50 50
SMS 100 100
Video 50 50

Managing Daily Quotas

Use the following suggestions to help manage the daily quotas when the limits are met too quickly.

  • Adjust Rules to only record motion-based images or video clips when the system is set to Away or Night mode.
  • For Rules based on camera motion, you can adjust the sensitivity setting of your camera.
  • Adjust when and who is receiving SMS notifications.

Sign in to the Cox Homelife mobile app.


On the Overview screen, tap the More menu.


On the More screen, tap Account.

Image of More Menu-Account Tile


On the Account screen, scroll down to the Quotas section to view your video clip, picture, and SMS message consumption.

Image of Account Quotas

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