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Viewing Out of Home Programming Using the Contour App


Some channels are available for Out of Home (TVGO) watching with the Contour app. Use the table below to access these channels.

How To... Details
Filter for TVGO channels
  1. From All Listings, tap Filter to display the filters.
    Note: WatchTV.Cox.com will not display a FILTER button, you will see a TVGO Icon near the far right top corner of the screen.
  2. Tap Available Out of Home.
  3. Tap Done to view the Out of Home channels that are available.
     View out of home channels by using filters on the guide.
Search for Out of Home channels
  1. From the Main Menu, tap in the Search box.
  2. Use the displayed keyboard to enter a search term for a TV show, movie, or sports team.
    • As you begin to enter letters, predictive results will display.
    • Entering certain channel names will display channel collections – for example, “ESPN” displays all available ESPN branded channels.
  3. Tap a TV show, movie or sports team you searched for to view options, and select the listing with the TVGO logo to view out of home.

If here is no channel name with TVGO in front of it this channel is not yet available out of home.

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