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Viewing Live In Home Programming Using the Contour App


Use the table to below to access and watch shows while In-Home.

How To... Action
Access the control bar and thumb menu

While watching something, tap the screen. Tap the viewing area again, or the X button at the center of the thumb menu to dismiss.

  • Control bar: Playback progress, Stop / Pause / Start, Info, Closed Caption, Descriptive Video
  • Thumb Menu: Mini guide, last / recently viewed, keypad, 15 second jump forward or back
View history of recently viewed channels or titles
    1. From the Thumb Menu, tap the Last Viewed (L) button.
    2. Swipe left and right to browse.
    3. Tap a tile to watch a show or movie, or tune to a channel.
Access the mini guide
  1. From the Thumb Menu, tap the CH button.

    The mini guide displays along the right edge of the screen. Channels are shown with the currently airing program listed.

  2. Swipe up and down to scroll through channels.

  3. Tap a channel to tune to it and close the mini guide.

Jump forward or backward by 15 seconds From the Thumb Menu, tap either the 15+ or 15- button.
Stop playback From the Control Bar, tap STOP.
Pause playback From the Control Bar, tap PAUSE.
Resume / start playback From the Control Bar, tap PLAY / START.
Playback Parental Control restricted content After tapping Watch, or tuning to a locked channel or title, the Enter Parental Control PIN screen displays. Enter your Parental Control PIN using the displayed keypad.
Turn Closed Captions on or off

From the Control Bar, tap CC.

CC will turn blue when Closed Captioning is turned on.

Turn Video Description on or off

From the Control Bar, tap the speech bubble icon.

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