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Using the Music Choice App on Contour

The Music Choice app delivers an interactive experience with more content and options in addition to the channels available in your current channel lineup.

  • Additional Channels
    • 84 music channels
    • 25 video channels
  • Search feature to find specific artists
  • Censored content


Subscription to any level of residential Cox Internet service and Contour.

Note: The Contour Stream Player is not a compatible receiver.

Accessing Music Choice App

There are two ways to access the Music Choice app with the Contour remote.

Note: In the Contour on-screen guide, content marked with the icon Internet icon counts towards your data usage. For more information, refer to Data Plan and Usage.

If you are… Then…
Using the voice command

Access the app using the voice command. Below is an example of available options.

  • "Music Choice App"
  • "More Music Choice"

    Note: Speaking, "Music Choice" brings up the linear channel last listened to.
Using the navigation options.

Perform the following steps.

  1. Press the Contour button.
  2. From the Menu, use the arrow buttons to highlight Apps.
  3. Press OK and then use the arrow buttons to highlight Music Choice.
  4. Press OK.

    Image of Contour 2 apps
Select one of the options below to learn more about the tab within Music Choice.

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