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Using the Mini Box Info Banner


The Info Banner provides a short description of the program currently being watched. The Info Banner also allows you to browse listings and tune to different channels. To use the Mini Box remote control, refer to Remote Control User Guide.

  • Automatically displays when tuned to a channel
  • Displays a Star rating

The following table provides details related to the Info Banner.

Info Banner Process
Access From Live TV
  • On the Cox remote, press the INFO button to review program title, rating, channel number, time and date information, high definition, and closed captioning indicators.
  • Press INFO twice to show the complete program description.
Browse Programs
  1. On the Cox remote, press the INFO button, then complete the following.
    • View programs by pressing the Right or Left arrows.
      Note: This function displays programs by the channel but shown at different times of the day.
    • Browse different channels by pressing the Up and Down arrows.
  2. Press Select to view programming.
    Important: If the requested program is not airing, the receiver tunes to the current program on that channel.
Exit the Info Banner

The Info Banner disappears after a few seconds or on the Cox remote, press Exit to close.

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