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Using the Contour Sports App


Use the steps below to access and use the Contour Sports app.


Use the table below to access or change your viewing options.

Viewing OptionsAction
While watching TV

While watching TV, press the C button on your remote.

Through the apps menu
  1. Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote, to access the Main Menu.
  2. Use the right arrow buttons to highlight Apps, then press OK.
  3. Using the arrow buttons navigate to the Sports Row, highlight Sports, then press OK.
Sports Voice Command
  • To view a sports team's schedule, press the Mic button and speak "[Team] Schedule."
  • To view a sports team's scores, press the Mic button and speak "[Team] Sore."
  • "Atlanta Braves Schedule," displays the schedule for the Braves on the team's entity page.
  • "Arizona Cardinals Score," displays the current or final score of the Cardinals game.

Use the table below to access the different features of the app from the Sports app main window.

View scores of all games played today and ongoing games

Use the right arrow to select the league from which to view scores and updates.

View interactive coverage of ongoing games, including real-time scores, statistics, and play-by-playOn the Scores window, highlight a game, then press OK.

Instantly watch a live, ongoing game on TV

Note: The channel airing the game must be included in your subscription.

While viewing interactive coverage for a live ongoing game, use the arrows to highlight Watch, then press OK.

Add a favorite team
  1. Use the right arrow to scroll to Settings.
  2. Press OK to access the team picker.
  3. Use the up and down arrows, to highlight the league of your favorite team, then press OK.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to highlight your favorite team, then press OK

    Result: A confirmation message displays.
  5. To add another team, repeat steps c and d above.

Press Last to return to the Apps menu, or press Exit to return to TV viewing.

To learn more, view our online video Using the Sports App on Contour.

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