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Using the Contour Search Feature



Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote.

Result: The Main Menu displays.


Use the arrow buttons to highlight the magnifying glass icon, then press OK.

  1. From the Search, enter your search term using one of the following methods on your Contour 2 remote.
    • Use the left and right arrows to highlight letters, pressing OK to confirm each letter.
    • To enter numbers and special characters, highlight ?123 on the far left, then press OK.
    • To enter a space, highlight the bracket symbol to the right of Z, then press OK.
    • Use the down arrow, then press OK to select a suggested term.
  2. When done, highlight the symbol to the far right, then press OK.


Use the down arrow to highlight a search result or suggestion, then press OK.


Press Last to return to the Search screen, or press Exit to return to TV viewing.

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