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Using the Contour 2 Horoscopes In-Guide App


Effective April 27, 2020, the Horoscope app is discontinued and removed due to low usage.


Press the CONTOUR button on the Cox remote, to access the Main Menu.


Use the right arrow button to highlight Apps, then press OK.


Use the arrows to highlight Horoscope, then press OK.

  1. From the Horoscope App main window, use the arrow button to select the preferred sign to view Today's Horoscope and press OK.
  2. Use the steps in the table below to adjust the options for the Horoscope in-guide App.
Option Action

View Tomorrow’s Horoscope

While viewing Todays Horoscope, use the arrow buttons to highlight Tomorrows Horoscope, then press OK.

Set a Favorite

While viewing a horoscope, use the right arrow to highlight Set as Favorite, then press OK.

Press Last to return to the Apps menu, or press Exit to return to TV viewing.

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