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Using the Contact List on the Cox Voice Everywhere App to Place a Call


Follow the steps below to access your contact list in the Cox Voice Everywhere app.


Locate and tap Contacts at the bottom of the app to open the Contacts screen.

image of contacts window


Do your contacts display?

If… Then…
Yes Continue to the next step.
No Access your contacts in your settings menu and allow access to the Cox Voice Everywhere app.

Note: The contacts used for the Cox Voice Everywhere app are based on your current smartphone contacts.

Complete the following steps to place a call from your contacts.

  1. Locate the contact you want to call.
  2. Tap the contact name and locate the telephone number to dial.
  3. Tap the telephone number to dial.

    During the call, the following options are available.

    Option Icon Description
    Speaker image of speaker icon Places the call on speaker
    Mute image of mute icon Mutes the microphone
    Keypad image of keypad icon Opens Keypad for entering numbers while on call
    Add Call image of add call icon Adds another caller to initiate a conference call
  4. Tap the red phone button to end the call.

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