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Using Selective Call Rejection for Cox Voice


Selective Call Rejection service offers you the ability to block specific telephone numbers.

  • When your service is turned on, any caller on the list hears an announcement that you're not accepting calls at this time. All other calls ring through as normal.
  • You are not notified when calls are rejected or provided the number of rejected calls.
  • Selective Call Rejection list is different than the list for Priority Ringing, Call Waiting, Selective Call Forwarding, and similar services.


The following restrictions apply to the Selective Call Rejection service.

  • International calls are not blocked.
  • Selective Call Rejection is not an available feature to adjust in Voice Tools on Cox.com.
  • The Selective Call Rejection feature does not block unavailable or blocked calls.

Activate and Manage Selective Call Rejection

Use the steps below to activate Selective Call Rejection and add or remove numbers to your call rejection list.


Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.


Press *60.


Listen for an announcement telling you Selective Call Rejection is currently on or off. The recorded voice then tells you how many numbers are currently stored in your rejection list.


Review and select from the menu options available.

  • Selective Call Rejection is limited to 25 telephone numbers. You must remove an entry prior to adding a new number if the limit is reached.
  • You cannot add or remove numbers from the list unless the service is on.

Keypad Option Action
1 Turn Selective Call Rejection on or off.
2 Add numbers to your list.
3 Remove numbers from your list
6 Review numbers on your list.
9 Exit the menu.
0 Listen to the menu options again.

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