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Using Remote DVR to Schedule an In-Home DVR Recording


Flash is no longer required for watchtv.cox.com with any browser.

Use the following process to schedule a recording from the Contour app or from WatchTV.cox.com that can be viewed from the receiver within your home.


Access and sign in to one of the following viewing options.


From the For You window, based on the type of device you are using, complete the following.
Note: The All Channels option displays all channels within your subscription. Some channels are available only within the home. For channel information, refer to Viewing Programs Using the Contour App.

If viewing from...Then...
The Contour app
  • Tap the Menu.
  • Under Live TV, tap All Channels.
    Result: All the channels in your subscription display.
WatchTV.cox.comClick Live TV and then select All Channels.
Result: All the channels in your subscription display.

Locate the channel or program.

  • To view by channel or program, swipe or scroll up and down.
  • To search or adjust date and time either:
    • Click the dropdown above the channel list, adjust the date and time, and then press Apply or OK.
    • Swipe or scroll right or left.

Complete the following to select and record the TV program.

  1. Click the title of the program.
    Result: A details window displays with options to Watch, Record, or if available, Episodes.
  2. Click Record.

From the pop-up window, complete the following.

  1. Select the recording option.
    • Set Episode Recording is used for a single episode.
    • Set Series Recording is used when you want to select multiple episodes and set record options.
  2. Click Confirm to schedule the recording or Dismiss to return to the TV program details page.
    Result: A recorded show can be viewed from the TV receiver within the home.

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