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Using MusicChoice Playlists on Your Contour Receiver


MusicChoice Interactive Service requires a digital receiver with the Contour program guide. You can browse and search video playlists through a variety of music genres located On DEMAND.

This feature is not available on the Contour App for iPad and Android tablets.

With the MusicChoice Playlist On DEMAND option, you can perform the following functions.

  • Automatically play up to 14 music videos in a row.
  • Use the Search By feature to find a video by artist, song title, genre, or keyword.

Accessing MusicChoice Interactive Services

To access the MusicChoice playlist feature, follow the steps below.

  1. Press MENU.
  2. Highlight Interactive Services.
  3. Press SELECT.
  4. Highlight MusicChoice.

    Image of highlights MusicChoice option

  5. Press SELECT.
  6. Select Launch.
  7. Press SELECT.

Searching for Playlist Content

To search through the loaded MusicChoice interactive playlist, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the A button on your remote.
  2. Using the arrow buttons on your remote, enter the name of the artist, song title, genre, or keyword.

    image of highlights Search options

  3. Select a video from the list.

    Note: To add to the playlist, highlight the requested song, press Select and then Create or Add to Playlist.
Image of highlights Pop option

Controlling a MusicChoice Playlist

Once you've selected and loaded your playlist, you can use your remote control for the following actions.

Remote ButtonAction
PLAYPlay or resume continuous video playback.
PAUSEPause the current video.
FFWDFast forward the current video; play resumes with next video in the playlist.
REWRewind current video; play resumes at beginning of current video.
STOPReturn to the playlist menu.

Exit the MusicChoice Interactive Service and return to the last channel viewed.

Note: You can also exit MusicChoice using the CH+,
, FAV, LIVE, LAST keys or by directly
entering a channel number.

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