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Using Cox Webmail

Cox continues to support existing customers with Cox Email; however, we no longer offer the ability for new and existing Cox Internet customers to create new Cox Email accounts.

Get the most from Cox Email with the following information.

Compatible Browsers

To access the new Cox Email platform at myemail.cox.net, use one of the following browsers on a computer or mobile device.

Desktop Browsers

Desktop BrowserVersion
Google ChromeCurrent and previous version
Internet Explorer10 or higher
Microsoft Edge13 or higher
Mozilla FirefoxCurrent and previous version
Safari10.01 & 10.03 on macOS

Mobile Browsers

Mobile DeviceBrowser
Android SmartphoneChrome on Android 4.1 or higher
Android TabletChrome on Android 4.1 or higher
Apple iPadSafari on iOS 9 or higher
Apple iPhoneSafari on iOS 9 or higher

Compatible Email Clients

Your Cox Email account is also compatible with email client programs when using the correct Email Server Settings. To use an email client with your Cox Email, Cox recommends that you use the latest versions. The table below provides an overview and support links.

SystemVersion and Support
Recommended email client versions for desktop and laptop computers
Recommended mobile operating system versions for phones and tablets

Accessing the Cox Email Inbox

Use the following steps to sign in to your Cox Email account.

  1. Go to myemail.cox.net.
  2. Enter your User ID and Password.
  3. Click Sign In.

    Result: Your Inbox displays in the following format.

Note: Top ads cannot be removed but ads on the right-hand side can be hidden or displayed by clicking the right arrow right arrow or left arrow left arrow on the right side of the window.

Image of Cox Email with ad

Cox Postmaster

When you receive an email from the Cox Postmaster, it often includes an error message and instructions to learn more at postmaster.cox.net. The Cox Postmaster website contains errror explanations and other information affecting Cox Email. Below is a list of file types that cannot be sent on our simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) server.

.shb, .shs, .vbe, .vbs, .wsc, .wsf, .wsh, .pif, .msc, .msi, .msp, .reg, .sct, .bat, .chm, .isp, .cpl, .js, .jse, .scr, .exe

Use the following links to learn about more about the Cox Email experience.

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