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Using Cox Support Forums


The Cox Support Forums allow customers to collaborate with each other to resolve issues they may experience. To access the Support Forums, click the following button.

Cox Support Forums

In this article, learn how to access and view forum posts.

Forum Home Page

The Forum Home page is the first page you see when you sign in.

Support Forum home page

The forums correspond to our product offerings as shown below.

  • TV Forum
  • Internet Forum
  • Phone Forum
  • General Forum

The TV, Internet, and Phone forums contain posts related to those Cox services. The General Forum is used for discussions not related to a specific Cox service. Most posts are topics customers create. When a new post is created, it is made viewable to all forum members. Cox Administrators create posts that include important announcements. You or any forum member can respond to these. Posts that have the most responses will be shown under Popular Posts.

Accessing a Forum

To access a specific forum, do one of the following actions.

  • Click one of the tabs available at the top of the Home page.

    Forum Menu
  • Or, from the Home page, click a forum heading.

    Forum Heading

Understanding a Forum Main Page

When you access a forum, its main page displays.

Phone Forum main page

A forum main page contains posted discussion topics. From a forum main page, you have the following options.

  • Open and read a post
  • Sort the posts in the post list
  • Filter the post list
  • Search posts and replies
  • Create a new post

Post List

When you access a forum, you are presented with a list all posted topics in that forum. By default, the posts are listed from newest, meaning most recently replied to, to oldest, or last replied to. The post list is comprised of the following three fields.

PostContains the title of the post. Click the title to view the post and any replies to it.
DateContains the date of the last post reply and the name of the user who wrote the reply. If there are no replies, this field contains the date the topic was created and the forum name of the person who created it.
RepliesLists the number of replies the post has received.

Sorting the Post List

By default, the topic of discussions with the most recent creation date and time, and the discussions that have recently been responded to, are displayed at the top of the post list.

You can sort the post list using the list headers. For example, click Replies to place the posts with the least amount of replies at the top of the post list. Click Replies again to place the posts with the most replies at the top of the list.

Filtering Posts

You can filter the posts in the post list by clicking the tabs at the top of the list. The following table describes these tabs.

TabTypes of Posts
QuestionsAll posts that have been created for the forum
UnansweredOnly posts that contain no replies
AnsweredOnly posts with replies
UnreadPosts that you have not yet opened or accessed
My DiscussionsAll posts that you have created or replied to

Opening a Forum Post

To open a post, follow the steps below.


Access the appropriate forum, such as the TV, Internet, Phone, or General forum.


In the post list, locate the post you want to read.


In the Post field, click the post title.

Example list of posts

Result: The post displays.

Example Phone post


After reading the post, you can either reply to it or return to the forum page to read another.

Searching for Posts and Replies

Each forum contains many posts and replies. Before creating a new post, it’s good practice to search a forum to see if your question has already been asked and answered. To perform a search, follow the steps below.

At the top of any of the main forum pages, enter a search word or term in the Search for field.

Search for field

Do one of the following actions.

  • To perform a search within a specific forum, select the forum from the drop-down list.
  • To search all forums, select in All Forums from the drop-down list.
Click the Find It button.

Result: Any posts that match your search criteria display.

Note: You can sort results by most relevant, most recent, highest to lowest rating, and even place them in alphabetical order by title.

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