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Using Continuous Video Recording in the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal


For a quick overview of the Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording (CVR) feature, see the Cox Homelife Help Center.

The Cox Homelife Continuous Video Recording (CVR) feature lets you capture continuously recorded video on one or two cameras, 24 hours a day, for up to ten days. Access the Subscriber Portal and click on the CVR Playback tab to use the functions listed below.

Important: CVR can only be accessed on the Subscriber Portal and is not accessible on mobile phones or tablets.

Feature Steps
Select Camera
  1. Sign in to the Cox Homelife Subscriber Portal.

  2. Click the CVR Playback tile on the My Home page.

    Note: If you are subscribed to CVR, the tile can be moved but can't be deleted.

    CVR Playback tile

    Result: The Select Camera window displays.

    CVR Select Camera Window

  3. Hover the cursor and click the camera you want to view or click Close to return to the Playback window for the last camera selected.
  4. Click the On / Off button to enable or disable recording.
Playback Video

From the Playback window, you are able to complete the following tasks:

  • Access the features of the menu.
  • Adjust the playback speed.
  • Expand the timeline to view or locate events, down to the minute.
  • Compress the timeline to locate specific events over a longer period of time, by the day.
  • Adjust timeline to play video recorded in the past.

    CVR Playback Window

    Note: The Navigation Menu opens on the left of the window when the menu button is selected.

The Navigation Menu features perform the following functions:

  • Cameras - turn recording on / off or select which camera to view archived recordings.
  • Go To Date/Time - access a specific time in the recorded video.
  • Make Clip - create a clip from recorded video.
  • Saved Clips - display all of the saved clips for download, deletion, or playback.
  • Show Motion - display or remove the motion event icons from the timeline.

    Note: Show Motion text changes to Hide Motion when motion event icons are displayed.
Go To Date / Time
  1. Click on Go To Date/Time option on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Access the Calendar and click on your chosen dates.
  3. Click and slide the Hour and Minutes for your chosen time frame.

    CVR Go To Date window
Make Clip
  1. Click on Make Clip option on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select Make Clip icon from drop down menu.
  3. Choose the length of clip to create 60 Seconds or 5 Minutes.

    CVR Make Clip Window

    Note: The highlighted timeline area in green shows the clip length and time of day.

  4. Click Save.
  5. The Save Clip window displays. Enter a Clip Name.

    CVR Save Clip Window

  6. Click Save.

    Note: The clips are saved to the cloud until download completes. Saved clips are limited to a total of 240 minutes (four hours).
Saved Clips
  1. Click on Saved Clips on the Navigation Menu.

    CVR Saved Clips window
  2. Select the clip to download or delete.
  3. Click Delete or Download.

    Note: Downloaded clips are saved to the default Downloads folder depending on the operating system and web browser you are using.
Show Motion
  1. Click on Show Motion option on the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click on a green motion detection icon to display the date and time of the motion event.

    CVR Show Motion Window

    Result: The video begins to play.

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