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Using Camera Motion Detection on the Cox Homelife Mobile App


In the Homelife mobile app, motion detection information displays in two areas for cameras, the Activity menu and the live camera feed.

Note: If you subscribe to Homelife Continuous Video Recording (CVR) service, then motion events show on the CVR timeline, and CVR video clips display with thumbnails for each camera that has CVR enabled.

Activity Menu

If a camera has motion detection capabilities and it is enabled, then motion events display in the Activity menu. Follow the steps below to view the motion events.


Sign in to the Cox Homelife mobile app.


On the Overview screen, tap the Activity menu.

Image of Activity menu


At the top of the Activity screen, tap Filter to limit the activities that are shown.

Image of Activity Filter


On the Activity Filters screen, tap the Motion check box, and tap Apply.

Image of Motion Filter selection

Result: All camera motion activities display.


To clear the filter, complete the following steps.

  1. Tap the Filtered button.

    Image of Filtered icon

  2. Tap Clear and Apply.

    Image of Clear activity filters

Live Camera Feed

On the Overview screen, the live camera feed displays. If a motion event is identified and recorded, a Motion detected banner displays for the duration of the recorded clip.

Image of Camera Motion Detected

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