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Using Caller ID


Caller ID lets you see the name and number of the person calling you. The caller’s name and phone number displays on your Caller ID display screen. Caller ID subscriptions require the lease or purchase of a display telephone or an add-on display unit.

See the following steps for details on how Caller ID works.

  1. When you receive a call, wait until the first ring is complete.
  2. Look on the telephone display to see the name and number of the caller.


  • If Private, P, or blocked call show on your display after the first ring, the caller may have blocked their name and number from being displayed.
  • If any of the following show on the telephone display, then the caller is in an area that does not support Caller ID services.
    • Unknown name
    • Unknown number
    • Out of area
    • Unavailable
    • O

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