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Using Call Return


To call the number of the last incoming call, complete the following steps.

Important: This service does not work on 800 or 900 numbers, calls outside the North America Number Plan, or on lines where Call Forwarding, Block All, and other call services have been activated.


Lift the handset and listen for dial tone.


Press *69.

Result: A recorded voice gives you the phone number of the last incoming call and asks if you want to use call return.


Follow the voice instructions to return the call.

Note: If the other phone is busy, you will hear an announcement, and Call Return will redial the number for up to 30 minutes. A special call back ring alerts when the line becomes free. Some phones may ring normally.

Cancelling a Call Return if the Callback Number is Busy

Follow the steps below to cancel Callback.


Press *89.


Listen for the confirmation tone or announcement.


Hang up the handset.

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