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Using a Non-Cox Mobile Device with Cox Mobile Service


Some phones are compatible with the Cox mobile service, however, not all phones can be used with Cox.

  • Your device may be locked with your previous carrier.
  • Your device may not be compatible based on the IMEI on your phone.

Unlocking a Device

Devices that were on a previous carrier are often locked while it is tied to that carrier. Before activating your service, it may be necessary to unlock your device. Verify the following to ensure your phone is unlocked prior to activating with Cox.

  • It must be fully paid off with your previous carrier.
  • It cannot be reported as lost, stolen, or involved with fraud.

It may be necessary to contact your previous carrier to unlock your device. Refer to Locating Your Previous Carrier Account Information.

Note: It may take more than one business day to unlock a device based on your previous carrier's processes and policies. Always ensure the device is unlocked prior to attempting to activate it with Cox.

Checking Device Compatibility

If the device is verified to be unlocked, then you will need to locate your IMEI on your device and verify if the phone is compatible with Cox. Check here to check device compatibility.


Once the phone has been verified eligible with Cox and is unlocked then perform the following.

  • Refer to our webpage to sign up for one of our data plans.
  • Activate your mobile device. Refer to Cox Mobile Activation for instructions to assist with activating your mobile device.

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