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Updating Your Billing Address Online


Need to change your billing address on file with Cox? Learn how by following the steps below.

Your service address does not have to be the same as your billing address. Your service address is the street address where you receive Cox services. If you would like your bill sent to a separate address you can provide one to us.


  • For the account holder's protection, authorized users cannot change the billing address.
  • If the account holder has listed you on the account as an authorized user, then you can make a payment. The following tabs will not display for the authorized user: Recent Activity, View Statements, Bill Delivery Options, or View Bill Details.

Click My Account at the top of the homepage.


Sign in with your primary User ID and Password.

Note: If you can't remember your password, click the Forgot Password? link under the Sign In button.


Click the arrow on the Billing section.

Image of MyAccount, Billing link

Result: The Payment & Billing Options page displays.


Under the Bill Addresses section, next to Billing Address, click Update.

Image of Billing Address Update link


Select one of the following:

  • If you want your service address and billing address to match, click Same as Service Address.
  • If you want the bill to be mailed to an address other than the service address, click Use a Different Address and enter the name and address where you want the bill mailed.

Image of Billing Address options


Click Continue.

Result: A confirmation page displays showing the address change was successful. We also email you a confirmation message titled Billing Address Update. Your next bill will arrive at the updated billing address.

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