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Unlocking Your Device on Cox.com


Use the following information to unlock your Cox mobile Apple device to be used with another wireless carrier.

Before proceeding with the process below, your device must have an active Cox mobile number and meet the requirements. See Requirements to Unlock Your Cox Mobile Device.


Go to My Account, enter your User ID and Password, and then click Sign In.

Note: If you do not remember your User ID or Password, or experience an issue signing in, see Recover Your Cox User ID or Reset Your Cox Password.


Scroll down to the Manage your services & equipment section and click the Mobile icon.

Image of manage your services menu


On the Mobile Account page, under the Lines section, look for the mobile phone number you would like to update and click the Manage line link.

Image of online mobile line with manage line to select


On the Device overview page, in the Line options section, next to Unlock device, click Learn more.

Image of List options section


In the Unlock Device window, click Request Unlock.

Image of Unlock Device page

Result: The Unlock Success! message displays.

If an Unlock failed message displays, see Requirements to Unlock Your Cox Mobile Device to ensure that the requirements have been met. If you are still having issues unlocking your device, chat with us.

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