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Uninstalling McAfee Family Protection® for Mac



As a Cox High Speed Internet customer, Cox Security Suite Plus powered by McAfee® is licensed for installation on up to five devices, and McAfee Family Protection® on up to three computers.

Note: McAfee Family Protection is no longer available to download for new users. Existing users can continue using the software.


Open McAfee Family Protection.


Enter your McAfee Family Protection Administrator Username and Password, then click Login.

Administrative Login, highlighting sign in

Result: McAfee Family Protection opens.


From the McAfee Family Protection menu, select Uninstall McAfee Family Protection.

highlights Uninstall McAfee Family Protection


Enter your McAfee Family Protection Administrator Username and Admin Password, then click Uninstall.

highlights McAfee Username and Password fields


If prompted, enter your Mac admin Name and Password, then click OK.

highlights Name and Password fields


Click OK to restart your Mac and complete the uninstall.

Under Uninstall Complete, highlights OK

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