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Understanding the Broadband Facts Label


The FCC requires the Broadband Facts Label (BBFL) is provided to you after entering a serviceable address and selecting an internet plan, which includes upgrades and downgrades. The BBFL Label helps you understand what is provided with different internet service plans. The following information is included.

  • Internet speeds
  • Monthly plan and price
  • Taxes and non-government Fees
  • Typical charges such as early termination fees and one-time charges
  • Typical network performance, including speed and latency.
  • Information about Cox's participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and links to information about discounts, bundles, and privacy policies.

    Note: The pricing on the BBFL and your bill may differ. The BBFL is not a quote of your monthly bill. The monthly price on the BBFL does not include promotional rates. Lastly, Cox is dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of your labels. However, if we find any inaccuracies, please be assured that we’ll update the labels as soon as possible.

    Image of Broadband Facts Label

Viewing the Broadband Facts Label

Once an internet plan is selected, you can view your BBFL on the product card.

Additional Information

Use the table for more information about the Broadband Facts Label.

Viewing the Broadband Facts LabelTo view the BBFL for Cox’s home internet plans, go to https://www.cox.com/residential/internet.html and enter a serviceable address.

Note: You must enter a serviceable address. The BBFL does not display on the page until after a serviceable address is entered.
Why Cox is Cox implementing a Broadband Facts Label.
  • The BBFL is an FCC requirement, and it also aligns with Cox’s commitment to transparency about our pricing.
  • The goal of the BBFL is to help customers better understand their internet services and pricing.
Accessing the Broadband label
  • Beginning April 10, 2024, you can access your BBFL on Cox.com after providing a serviceable address and selecting an internet plan.
  • Access to the specific label provided at the time of purchase will be available in MyAccount in the near future.

Price on the Broadband Label vs. price on monthly bill

  • The pricing listed on the BBFL may not match your monthly bill.
  • The BBFL reflects standard pricing and may not include promotional discounts.
  • Any applicable promotional discounts may change the price of the service.
How speed is measured

See Learn about your speed.

  • The speed data listed on the BBFL is generally what you can expect to receive.
  • Cox's download and upload speeds are based on internal tests and reflect the wired speeds that our network typically delivers to your home modem, router, or gateway device.
  • Actual speeds are impacted by many factors and may vary.
Latency and how it is measured
  • See Cox Internet Service Disclosures.
  • Latency is the delay between action and response. For example, the time between pressing a command on your controller during an online game and the character responding to that game.
  • Used mostly in online gaming sessions, high latency or lag can result in glitches, low frame rates and overall poor performance.
  • Latency is measured in milliseconds (ms) and is generally affected by the distance between the router and the server.
  • The latency displayed on the Broadband Facts Label is typical, though it may vary.
  • See https://www.cox.com/residential/internet/guides/gaming-performance/ping-testing.html.
Consistency of speeds displayed on the Broadband Facts LabelCox allocates more bandwidth than advertised to provide the best experience for our customers, even during times when there may be network congestion.
Not receiving typical speeds on mobile devicesMobile data speeds can vary based on many factors including device models, distance from the cell tower, number of customers using the network at any point in time, physical environment, and other potential interference such as radio frequency interference.
Definition of download and upload speed
  • Download speed measures how fast information can transfer to you over the internet. Download speed impacts how long it takes to download large files, update games or show pages with lots of photos.
  • Upload speed measures how fast outgoing information can transfer from you over the internet. For example, how fast you can upload files or how long it takes to add attachments to emails is a result of upload speed.
Impacts to speed
  • Selected internet plan
  • Equipment - Router, modem, gateway device, laptop, cell phone
  • Age of the equipment
  • Physical distance from the router or gateway device if using Wi-Fi.
  • Wired vs. wireless connection.
  • Walls or solid objects that may block your signal.
  • The number of devices connected at once.
  • Number of people in your location that use the same internet connection simultaneously
  • Interference from other devices such as microwaves, cordless phones, or baby monitors.

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