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Understanding Audio Options for Contour TV


The Contour TV receiver provides different audio options from the Transport Bar.

Note: Voice Guidance is a function that reads program descriptions and navigation instructions aloud. For more information, refer to Using Contour TV Voice Guidance.

Use the below table to identify the different audio options available on Contour TV and their function.

Note: The function is active when the blue check mark displays on the icon.

Audio OptionDescription
Audio Description
(Formally known as Video Description)

The following is an overview of how Audio Description functions.

  • Describes what is happening on screen, including settings, facial expressions, scene changes, physical movements, clothing, and costumes. Key visual elements of the program are described as they are happening.
  • To select Audio Description, the program must provide it. For more information, refer to Learn About Audio Description Service.

    Image of Video Description selected

Secondary Audio Programming (SAP)

Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) is a secondary audio stream that a broadcaster may transmit for television programs.

Image of SAP enabled

The following is an overview of how SAP functions.

Closed CaptionPrograms with closed caption provide text of the spoken dialogue in a TV program. 

Image of Closed Caption displayed

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