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Two-way Audio for the Cox Homelife Camera

Two-way audio is available in the Cox Panoramic Wifi app for customers that have a compatible Homelife camera or Video Doorbell, available in select markets.

Two-way audio allows you to perform the following action:

  • Hear audio while viewing live video
  • Hear audio on Continuous Video Recording recorded clips
  • Talk through the camera speakers

Access to Camera Audio

  • Two-way audio is only available with the Homelife xCam2 camera model in the Cox Panoramic Wifi app.
  • One-way camera sound, which allows you to listen to audio on live video and Continuous Video Recording, is available for the xCam2 and iCam2 camera models and is supported on the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, Homelife app, and Contour TV.

Video recorded before turning on Camera Sound will not have sound.

Note: Camera microphones are turned off until you turn on Camera Sound in the Camera Settings of the Panoramic Wifi app. We will always ask for microphone access on your Cox Panoramic Wifi app. You can control this access in your phone's settings.

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