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Turning on Sounds for Cox Homelife Cameras


The camera sound feature allows you to hear sound on your Cox Homelife camera for live video and Continuous Video Recording recorded clips.

  • When camera sound is not turned on through the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, the Continuous Video Recording clips will not have sound.
  • Video clips created by rules or manually created using Record Video won't have sound.
  • The ability to talk through the camera with 2-way audio is only available in the Cox Panoramic Wifi App with the Homelife xCam2 camera.

    Note: For Cox Homelife cameras with 2-way audio capability, see Two-way Audio for the Cox Homelife Camera.

Listen to Camera sound for 1-way audio on the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, Homelife app, and Contour TV devices.

Follow the steps below to turn on sounds for the camera.

Note: You will need to follow this process for each camera that you want sounds turned on.


Log in to the Cox Panoramic Wifi app.


Tap the Home tab.


Select the camera.


Tap the gear icon on the upper-right.


Tap Camera Sound.


Tap the On/Off switch to turn the sound on.

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