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Turning On or Off Sleep / Night Mode on the Cox Homelife Touchscreen


Sleep / Night mode allows you to set system rules based on this mode. The Sleep / Night mode can be activated from the Cox Homelife Touchscreen.
Example: You can set night mode to 10 pm and have it turn off light and more.

Turning On Sleep / Night Mode

Use the below information to activate Sleep / Night Mode.
Note: The following does not work with the non-Android touchscreen.

Tap the Home button two times.

touchscreen image

Result: The touchscreen displays a confirmation message along with the following message: Press Touchscreen within five seconds to abort going into manual night mode.

Important: When any part of the touchscreen is pressed, it doesn't go into manual night mode.

Turning Off Sleep / Night Mode

You can turn off Sleep/Night mode by tapping the screen or Home button to take the touchscreen out of Night Mode.

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