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Turning a Contour 2 Receiver On and Off


The function of the Power and ALL POWER buttons for Contour 2 remotes and receivers varies between host and client receivers.

A Contour 2 receiver that is powered down is actually in Power Save mode.

Turn On a Receiver  

Press any button on the remote except TV POWER, INPUT, or SETUP to turn on the receiver. Press ALL POWER to turn on the receiver, TV, and audio device.

Pressing ALL POWER again on the remote will not turn Power Save back on.

Turn Off a Receiver  

Use the steps below to immediately power down any Contour 2 receiver. Client receivers can only be powered down through the Device Settings menu.


  • A host receiver can be put in Power Save mode using the Power button on the front or top of the receiver. This does not turn the TV off.
  • The Contour Stream Player receiver does not have a power button and can only be powered down through the Device Settings menu.

Press the CONTOUR button to display the Main Menu.


Use the right arrow to highlight the gear icon, and then press OK.


Use the down arrow to highlight Device Settings, and then press OK.


Use the down arrow to highlight Power Preferences, and then press OK.
The below table provides the different available power save options.

Options Steps
Power Saver Use arrow buttons to toggle OnOff.
Note: The receiver powers down when the TV is turned off.
Power Down Now
  1. Use the right arrow to highlight Start Now, and then press OK.
  2. Press TV POWER to turn off the TV.
Restart Use the arrow buttons to select Restart.
Note: This action turns the receiver off and then back on.

Note: Powered off receiver still record scheduled programming.

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