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Troubleshooting Your Services in the Cox App


The Cox App provides updates of service impacting events and troubleshooting steps to resolve common service issues.

Understanding Service Notifications

Below is an overview of the two types of notifications that display on the Home screen in the Cox app.

If... Then...
A No known issues alert displays There are no known issues impacting your account or network connection. We recommend using Smart Help troubleshooting if you are experiencing service issues.
A service alert displays

We are aware of an issue that may be impacting your account or network connection. The following are the types of notifications that may display.

  • Service impacting events in the area, including outages and increased Internet traffic. For more information, refer to our Outage Notifications.
  • Service suspension that requires a payment to prevent a full disconnect.
  • Copyright violations that are available to view. For more information, refer to Copyright Violation Notifications in My Account.

Using the Cox App to Troubleshoot Common Service Issues

Use the following Smart Help troubleshooting steps to resolve common service issues when a service alert does not display.

Note: We do not recommend troubleshooting when a service alert displays.


From Cox app Home screen, in the No known issues field, tap Get Help.
example image of no known issues on the cox app

Result: A network status message, and a list of your services and Cox equipment display.


Under the Internet or TV field, tap the equipment experiencing issues.
Note: The MAC address listed is on a label on the equipment.
example image of the network status
Result: A loading window displays as a system check is completed.


Complete the following steps based on the displayed results message.

Results Message Action
Issue Identified

We recommend completing some basic troubleshooting steps in an attempt to resolve the service issue.

  1. Tap Next.
  2. Complete recommend troubleshooting.
No Issues Identified

Our system did not identify an issue, but if you continue to experience a service issue, then we recommend performing an equipment restart.

  2. Complete recommended equipment reset.

For additional support or ongoing service issues, tap Message Us from the app or from cox.com, click Contact Us.

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