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Troubleshooting Voice Mail


Refer to the table below for steps to take to troubleshoot your Voice Mail.

My mailbox is full and one of my callers could not leave me a message.Always delete unnecessary messages after you have listened to them. When your mailbox is full, callers are not able to leave you a message until you delete old messages from your mailbox. Saved messages count towards your mailbox quota limit.
A phone number on my Distribution List produces the error message "not a valid number," but I know the number is correct.The Distribution List works for phone numbers in your local calling area, but not for long-distance calls. Make sure the phone numbers are local and that the telephone provider is Cox.
Sometimes my voice mail takes a long time to start a message.You can prevent system delays by deleting unnecessary messages from your mailbox. When you use the phone to retrieve messages, the system reads every message header in your mailbox to calculate an accurate message inventory. If you have a lot of messages, it takes longer to read the headers, which results in a delay in system response time.
I have to listen to all the options before I make my selection from a menu.You can press a key at any time; you do not have to wait for the system to list each menu option.
I listen to my entire greeting, then I leave a message.When you hear your greeting, press any key on the phone and the greeting will stop playing. You will then will hear the record tone allowing you to leave a message.
I hear the message, “Sorry, access to your mailbox has been restricted."Call a Cox customer service representative to reactivate your mailbox.
I hear the message, “Sorry, your mailbox has been restricted due to invalid login."Call a Cox customer service representative to reset your login. Cox protects your privacy with a password lockout feature which blocks unauthorized access to your mailbox. If someone attempts several unsuccessful login attempts across multiple sessions, then your mailbox will become locked on the assumption that an unauthorized user is attempting to break in by trying different codes.
The message indicator light on my phone is lit even though I do not have any new messages.Your phone’s message indicator light, or stutter dial tone, may remain active if you have accessed and read new messages from Voice Tools. The light will turn off the next time you log in to your mailbox from a phone, providing you have no new messages.
Before every voice mail, I have to listen to the automated message telling me the length of the voice mail.

You can follow these steps to turn off the duration message

  1. Choose Main Menu.
  2. Under Option 4 - Mailbox Settings, choose 0 for Additional Options.
  3. Choose Option 5 to work with how messages are played.
  4. Choose Option 3 to work with message header.
  5. Choose Option 2 to select which component of the message header.
  6. Choose Option 3 to select duration information.
  7. Choose the option to turn duration information OFF.

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