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Troubleshooting Tips for the Homelife Video Doorbell


The following table list troubleshooting options for common issues with the Homelife Video Doorbell.

IssueTroubleshooting steps
The light is blinking on my Video DoorbellLight meanings:
  • Blinking White: The video doorbell is in pairing mode and needs to be paired or re-paired to your account. This can be done in your Cox Panoramic Wifi App.
  • Blinking Alternate Amber/Red: The video doorbell does not have enough voltage. Please contact us for help.
  • Growing White: A white light will appear at the center of the LED and grow outwards when the doorbell button is pressed.

Doorbell Button: Glowing White: The LED will glow white when a visitor approaches and is within five feet of the video doorbell.

If the light is any other color, please contact us for help.

Can't see live video from my Video Doorbell

Make sure the Video Doorbell is in range of the gateway.

If you still can't see the video, refer to Troubleshooting the Wifi Connection for the Homelife Video Doorbell to troubleshoot the camera's Wifi connection.

Can't hear sound on my video

Make sure the camera sound is turned on in the Cox Panoramic Wifi app. Sound won't be available on video before it’s turned on.

Make sure the microphone on the Video Doorbell isn't obstructed. The microphone is on the front of the camera.

Two-way audio is not working for my Video Doorbell

For issues with talking through your Video Doorbell, complete the following steps:

  • Verify that sound is turned on in the Cox Panoramic Wifi app, and that permission is granted to use the microphone on your phone. See Two-way Audio for the Cox Homelife Camera.
  • Verify the phone’s microphone is working by recording sound in another app.

Not getting motion notifications from my Video Doorbell

  • Make sure motion notifications are turned on for the Video Doorbell. Notifications must be turned on for each individual Video Doorbell / Camera.
  • Make sure permission is granted for the Cox Panoramic Wifi app to send notifications in your phone’s settings.

Receiving too many motion notifications

If your camera is facing a high-activity area, like a road, you may receive more notifications.

Note: You can set a customized alert area by adjusting the Camera Area in the Video Doorbell settings in the Cox Panoramic Wifi app. This allows you to highlight a certain area to limit motion notifications to that set area.

I need to restart my Video Doorbell

See Resetting or Restarting the Homelife Video Doorbell.

Video Doorbell won't connect

See Troubleshooting the Wifi Connection for the Homelife Video Doorbell.

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