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Troubleshooting Tips for Homelife Rules


Rules are flexible methods of generating a variety of system actions or notifications when predefined circumstances or triggers occur. Follow these tips to ensure they are operating properly.

Validate Incoming SMS Codes

  • Cox uses SMS codes 10958 and 73153 to deliver text alerts. Make sure your cellular phone service provider allows these short codes to be delivered to your phone.
  • Save the incoming messages as a contact labeled Homelife or Security.

Check Conflicting Rules

Make sure you have not configured rules that conflict with each other, for instance, using the same camera to perform two actions at the same time or with the same triggered response.

Verify/Update Rules Contacts

Confirm the contact information (who to notify and how) is up to date.

  1. From the mobile app, access the Overview screen, tap More menu, and select Contacts.
  2. Edit or add the applicable contacts.

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