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Troubleshooting Tips for Easy Connect of the Cox Homelife Smart Plug


You can access Easy Connect instructions using the following resources.

If you have completed all of the Easy Connect steps and are experiencing difficulties with the device communicating with your touchscreen, then use the tips below to assist you further.

  • Ensure the outlet is a 120V, 60 Hz AC source.
  • Confirm that the GFCI outlet is not tripped.


Use the following to support the pairing process.

  • Plug the device into a wall outlet near the touchscreen, the light should begin blinking with the following pattern: triple blink, pause, triple blink, pause.
  • If the light does not begin blinking, press the button as you plug it in, release the button as soon as light starts blinking. Check to see if the device displays on the touchscreen.


Reset the Smart Plug to the factory default by following the steps below.

  1. Remove the Smart Plug from the wall outlet.
  2. Press and hold the button on the Smart Plug.
  3. Reinstall the Smart Plug into the wall outlet while holding the button.
  4. After two seconds the status LED turns ON.
  5. Once the LED is ON, release the button.
  6. The Smart Plug now resets to factory defaults and begins scanning for a Zigbee HA network to join.
  7. Begin the installation process again.

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