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Troubleshooting Tips for Easy Connect of the Cox Homelife Smart Door Lock



You can access the easy-to-follow Easy Connect instructions through the following formats.

Installation Tips

Once you have completed all of the Easy Connect steps, use the tips below to provide you additional help if needed.

  • Ensure the following items are completed.
    • A tight cable connection between front and back of lock.
    • Proper alignment with door and strike plate.
    • Batteries are inserted into the battery pack properly, with proper polarity.
    • The battery pack is inserted correctly, with arrows facing the door as indicated on the battery pack.
  • Did latch bolt retract and extend on its own when battery pack was installed? If not, complete the following items.
    • Remove battery pack.
    • Wait 15 seconds.
    • Repeat step 23 in manufacturer’s instruction booklet.
  • Refer to Kwikset at 1-866-863-6584 or Cox.com/diyhomelife for other resources.


Use the following to pair the devices.

  • Ensure batteries are properly installed before beginning pairing.
  • Press the A button on the inside panel four times to put it into pairing mode.


If pairing is unsuccessful, then you can reset the lock. Resetting allows you to restart the pairing process.

  • Press the B button on inside panel nine times to reset the lock.
  • Press the A button four times to re-enter pairing mode.

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