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Troubleshooting Tips for Easy Connect of Cox Homelife Smart LED Light Bulb


You can access the easy-to-follow Easy Connect instructions through the following formats.

Once you have completed all of the Easy Connect steps and still may be having some difficulties with the device communicating with your touchscreen, use the tips below to assist you further. 


Use the following to perform the pairing process.

  • Try moving the Smart Bulb closer to the touchscreen, remove obstacles or other wireless devices between the bulb and touchscreen.
  • Ensure neither the bulb nor the touchscreen is located near other wireless devices such as a Wifi access point / router.


Use the following to troubleshoot the device.

  • Smart Bulb was communicating with the touchscreen, but touchscreen eventually lost control of the bulb.
    • Check if the power cord to the light has been disconnected, or if the power switch is in the OFF position.
    • Power cycle the bulb using the wall switch. The bulb should rejoin the network automatically.
    • First delete the bulb from the touchscreen, then follow the installation instructions again to add the bulb to the touchscreen.
  • Factory Default Reset - Turn the light switch or power strip that the bulb is connected to on and off quickly ten times without interruption. The bulb blinks five times indicating it is in pairing mode.

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